Shungite is a stone that is relatively new to the western hemisphere. It has been famous in Russia, its exclusive place of orgin, for hundreds of years. It is a unique rock consisting of up to 98% carbon and named for Shun'ga, the village near its main occurrence, in the province of Karelia. One of the very few natural Earth sources of buckyballs (fullerenes), a rare hollow carbon molecule, it is capable of neutralizing electromagnetic emissions, waterborne contaminants, free radicals, and negative energy. Due to these sorbent properties, shungite has been used in spas and therapy for hundreds of years, and more recently in commercial water filters in Russia, proving its worth as a detoxifier and healer. Keep some near your electronic devices, on your person with our jewelry, and nearby at all times for optimal benefits! Two grades of shungite are commercially available: the elite, or noble shungite, which is a silvery-black, brittle stone. The lower grade, called black shungite, is more stable and therefore used in jewelry and other finished pieces. Both are increasingly in demand, especially as shungite's health benefits are becoming more widely known. This stone is only available from Russia and has few American distributors. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, weights and purposes!

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