Retail and wholesale

Minerals, tumbled stones, pieces of jewelry and decorative items can be bought by the pound or as individual items. We sell retail AND wholesale. As a wholesale customer you get especially attractive prices unavailable to the retail customers. Please click here for further information.

Looking for extraordinary minerals and gemstones?

We offer high quality stones to our customers. Here you can get tumbled stones, healing stones, gemstones and much more from all over the world. Maybe you prefer something classic like crystals, or rarities like shungite or sugilite? Regardless of what you prefer, Rock Treasures Wholesale may be able to offer you your favorite stones.

Exceptional supply

We only offer stones of distinguished quality. Several times a year we personally travel to remote mines and quarries around the world. Through direct importing, we keep the costs low and are therefore able to offer you hand-picked stones for competitive prices. In our online shop you can go through a selection of premium stones.