Elite Shungite Raw - Large - 4 oz

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Elite Shungite Raw - Large - 4 oz


 Elite Shungite Large

This is the best shungite! It's the highest quality available, being up to 98% pure carbon. A very fragile stone, these large

pieces of elite shungite are more rare, as they are difficult to mine. Elite shungite is a very shiny black, so it looks silvery

from a distance. The pieces are irregularly shaped, mostly blocky, as shungite is amorphous, and may contain traces

of other minerals. 


Shungite is a stone that is relatively new to the western hemisphere. It has been famous in Russia, its exclusive place of

orgin, for hundreds of years. It is the only known natural source of buckyballs (fullerenes) native to Earth.


Size: about 1 1/4 inch up to about 1 1/2 inches long.  From about 25 g up to 30 g per piece. 4 - 5 pieces per 4 ounces. 

Unit for sale: 4 ounces

Origin: Russia


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