Platonic Solids Set Shungite - 1 set

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Platonic Solids Set Shungite - 1 set
Platonic Solids Set Shungite - 1 setPlatonic Solids Set Shungite - 1 setPlatonic Solids Set Shungite - 1 set
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 The 5 Platonic Solids - Shungite Set

Our most unique man-made item to date! Mined, carved and polished by hand in Russia, this set of the 5 platonic solids is

made from solid black shungite. The set has 5 pieces: the tetrahedron (4 sides), hexahedron (6 sides), octahedron (8 sides),

icosahedron (12 sides), and dodecahedron (20 sides). Each is highly polished, with very crisp, straight edges. Small mineral

inclusions are sometimes visible. 

The set of these 5 shapes is named after Plato, who described them as being regular, convex polyhedrons. They comprise

the only 5 perfectly symmetrical, three-dimensional solid shapes possible; no others exist. Plato used them to explain his

theory of the 4 classic elements plus outer space: earth (the hexahedron/cube), air (the octahedron), water (the icosahedron),

fire (the tetrahedron/pyramid), and space (the dodecahedron). 

They make interesting, unique decor, and inspire new ways of thinking. They also make great gifts for math students, engineers

and astronauts! 


Size: Each piece has about 1 inch.

Unit for sale: 1 set of 5 shapes

The sungite was mined in Russia.


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