Packing units

We are selling all our products in one of the following packings units:

  • Piece
  • Pound
  • Pair
  • Ounce


You buy a piece as described on the product's description page. The picture might be a stock photo so more than one piece might be shown.


You buy a pound or a certain number of pounds of an item.

We usually sell by 1 pound units but expensive products might be sold by 0.5lb/8 ounces or even 0.25lb/4 ounces.

Products which can't be sold in smaller quantities because of their size might also be sold in units greater than 1 pound.

If you put one of those in your shopping cart, you buy the amount stated in the product’s description. So, for example, if you buy two of 'Micro Amethyst Tumbled Stones A Grade - 1 pound’ you will get 2lbs total.


A few products are sold as a pair, notably the ammonites from Madagascar, which are routinely sawn in half to display their remarkable interiors.