Pinolite Rough Stones - 1 lb

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Pinolite Rough Stones - 1 lb
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 Pinolite/Pinolith Rough Stones

Pinolite, also called pinolith, is stone comprised of magnesite, dolomite and graphite, resulting in an elegant and unique

black-and-white crystalization structure. Its nickname is ice flower stone because of its magnesite crystals that form with

the black graphite around them, looking like the white petals of a flower. 

This kind is endemic to Austria, found only in a few places high in the remote Alps as a byproduct of the magnesite mines.

As it is a soft stone, it is easy to cut, and it takes a great polish. Polishing really brings out its unique crystal structure. See

our finished pieces and jewelry for sale elsewhere on our website, for examples.


Size: irregular pieces ranging from about 3-8 inches long. 1 - 3 pieces per pound.

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Origin: Austria, Europe.


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