Ocean Jasper Rough Stones - 1 lb

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Ocean Jasper Rough Stones - 1 lb
Ocean Jasper Rough Stones - 1 lb


Ocean Jasper Rough Stones

Natural, untreated rough ocean jasper stones, also called ocean chalcedony. Ocean jasper is a very interesting and

varied stone, which comes in a multitude of colors and patterns. Each stone has its own special structure and color

and takes a high polish, making it unique and ideal for further lapidary processing or simply as a pretty decoration.

The material we are closing out currently is B-grade due to a limited variety of colors (green, yellow mostly)

Size: about 2 - 10 inches.

Unit for sale: 1 pound.

Please specify if you would like 1 larger piece or several smaller pieces for your weight in the comments area upon checking out.

Origin: Madagascar

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