Nellite (Lionskin) Rough Stone - 1 lb

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Nellite (Lionskin) Rough Stone - 1 lb
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 Nellite (Lionskin) Rough Stone - 1 Pound

Nellite is a massive silicate that forms where tiger eye and pietersite meet: it's like a blend of both. Nellite has the golden, translucent glow of tiger eye in quartz, as well as the blue crocidolite of pietersite, which is sometimes present by itself and sometimes silicifed or partially silicified, and mixes randomly with the golden-colored quartz. Polishing with the grain brings out the chatoyancy. 

WARNING: May contain crocidolite, a type of asbestos. Wear a good respiratory mask when moving, storing or doing lapidary work with this stone.

1-5 pieces per pound, irregularly sized. Please indicate at checkout whether you would like fewer, larger pieces or more, smaller pieces. We also have many pieces over 1 pound. 

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Origin: South Africa



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