Rock Crystal Polished Tower - A - 1 lb

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Rock Crystal Polished Tower - A - 1 lb
Rock Crystal Polished Tower - A - 1 lb


Polished Clear Quartz Crystals A Grade - 1 Pound 

These are very clear quartz crystals! All have been given a flat bottom, so they stand up straight and polished faces to enhance

their clarity. The inclusions are natural quartz inclusions, with only a trace of iron or chlorite in a few. They are almost all the

bubble/veil type inclusions, which tend to be concentrated in the middle to bottoms of the crystals, leaving the rest of the

crystals without opaque/cloudy areas. Most of the tips are completely clear. Very good polish.


Size: varies greatly. From 2 to about 4 5/8 inches long, about 7/8 to 2 7/8" wide. The average size is about 3 inches tall. 

Unit for sale: approximately 1 pound. approx. 3 pieces per pound. 

Mined and made in Madagascar.


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