Natural Gem Heliodor (Beryl) Crystal Specimen

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Natural Gem Heliodor (Beryl) Crystal Specimen
Natural Gem Heliodor (Beryl) Crystal SpecimenNatural Gem Heliodor (Beryl) Crystal Specimen


 Natural Gem Heliodor Crystal from Madagascar

Heliodor is the natural, light or yellow-green variety of beryl. ï»¿This heliodor is beautiful, and a unique specimen! It sparkles in the sunlight and glows as light passes into it. 

This is 2 3/4 INCHES TALL and from about 5/8 to 3/4 inch wide. It weighs 200 carats or 40 grams. It is from Madagascar and completely natural! It is easily mounted on a flat acrylic stand with some mineral tack. 

The crystal has the classic flat beryl termination, sized about half the diameter of the crystal, being incomplete. There are additional partial terminations at slightly different levels from about 1/4 inch and less from the top of the crystal. Growth layers parallel to the termination are visible for about 2 inches, from the base until about 1/2 inch from the top, where the crystal becomes much clearer. 

The color is a light green, not yellowish, and is more of a sea green or slightly minty green. The color appears to lighten in the top half inch or so of the crystal where the clarity increases as well. 

Some mineral contact zoning is visible from the base, from about 1/2 inch up one side of the crystal to about 1 1/2 inches up another side. The tan colors are a result of clay that was included into the formation of the crystal, notably along 2 edges and in between some of the incomplete terminations. 

This crystal has 6 well-defined, lustrous sides with 5 crisp edges for most of the crystal. 

We bought this crystal from the miner himself, so our price to you remains low!

Unit for sale: 1 crystal

Origin: Ankazobe, Madagascar


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