12 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box

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12 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box
12 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box12 Piece Madagascar Mineral Collection Box
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Madagascar Mineral Collection Box - 12 different minerals

You get all minerals shown! Each HANDMADE box is a compilation of various minerals, in their rough, natural state. Every

piece has a paper label with its name on it, making these boxes an easy learning tool and an overview of the various

minerals. The glass lid is hinged to protect the stones. A kid's instant rock collection, with cool rocks and gemstones!

The box can be opened, rocks are glued to the bottom.

The following 12 minerals are included: Smoky Quartz, Green Opal, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Apatite, Red Jasper, Amazonite,

Yellow Jasper, Calcite, Amethyst, Hematoid and Rock Crystal.  

Boxes are about 5 inches long, by about 3 3/4 inches wide, by 1 inch thick. 

Unit for sale: 1 box

Origin: Madagascar 

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