Rock Crystal polished Towers Extra - 8 oz

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Rock Crystal polished Towers Extra - 8 oz
Rock Crystal polished Towers Extra - 8 oz


 Extra Clear Polished Quartz Crystals

These quartz crystals are almost as clear as glass, a rarity for quartz crystals! More commonly from Brazil, these Madagascar

crystals are even more unique. All have flat bottoms, so they stand up by themselves.

All are clear quartz, with no smoky hints or phantoms. While normally each crystal has a few inclusions in it,  the difference

between this extra grade and the A grade is, that there are no cloudy patches in these! The few veil inclusions are very small

and do not obstruct the light passing through the crystal.


Size: from about 1 1/2" to about 3 1/8" tall, and about 5/8" to 2" wide at the base. 2 - 3 pieces per unit.

Unit for sale: 8 ounces

Mined and made in Madagascar.


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