Rutilated Quartz Rough Stones - 8 oz

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Rutilated Quartz Rough Stones - 8 oz
Rutilated Quartz Rough Stones - 8 ozRutilated Quartz Rough Stones - 8 oz


 Rutilated Quartz Rough Stones - 8 Ounces

This is the original! Rutilated quartz from Brazil is famous for its formation and straight golden rutile needles of titanium.

These are a decent quality; while each piece has golden rutile, very few have the famous six-rayed star, although many

have partial stars and some have multiple partial stars. The clarity is medium: not milky, but flawed. Many pieces also

contain hematite.

Lots of good lapidary, cabbing and tumbling potential in these raw stones! Give them a flat bottom to sit up, and many more could

be specimens. 


Sized: about 1/2" up to about 2" long. You will receive a random scoop. 

Unit for sale: 8 ounces /  half pound

Origin: Brazil


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