Nellite (Lionskin) Round Bead 8 mm/19 inch Necklace

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Nellite (Lionskin) Round Bead 8 mm/19 inch Necklace
Nellite (Lionskin) Round Bead 8 mm/19 inch Necklace
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 Nellite Round Bead 8 mm/19 inch Necklace

Nellite (also known as lion skin) is an unusual stone. Found in South Africa in the area of the tiger eye mines, it appears to be an intermediary stone between tiger eye and pietersite, as it has the golden shimmer of tiger eye and the blue crocidolite that also gives pietersite its blue color. Its high silica content gives it translucency and a depth like labradorite when cut into these beads. 

In these 8 mm round bead necklaces, these beads show their mineral characteristics up close. In jewelry, and from a distance, the blues and golden/tans blend into each other and are muted enough to go with many kinds/colors of other beads and outfits. It could become a go-to necklace, for almost everything! With a gold-colored lobster clasp. 

Unit for sale: 1 necklace

Mined in South Africa. Made in China. 


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