Shipping information

Shipping Rates

We try to keep shipping prices low, and we use the USPS flat-rate shipping boxes whenever possible. This page shows an overview of the rates. You will see the actual shipping cost including taxes during checkout.

Please be aware that some bulker items, such as rough rock, take up more space and therefore require a larger box; some fragile items need extra packaging material and also may require a larger box.

USPS Domestic

Up to 1.88lb = $5.90 (small flat-rate box)

20lb = $9.90 (medium flat-rate box)

30lb = $14.90 (large flat-rate box)

51lb = $24.90

62lb = $29.90

82lb = $39.90

93lb = $44.90

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $700 to the USA, for in-stock items only.

USPS International to Australia

Up to 2lb = $34.95

17lb = $80

35lb = $160

52lb = $240

67lb = $320

83lb = 400$

USPS International to Canada

Up to 2lb = $24.95

17lb = $49.95

35lb = $99.90

52lb = $149.85

67lb = $199.80

83lb = $249.75

Shipping Policies

We will ship your order within 1-3 business days of the receipt of payment of your purchase, unless otherwise contacted for special circumstances. All orders, including international orders, are shipped via United States Postal Service, unless you request otherwise. Shipping is automatically calculated by our website, but may be subject to refunds or additional charges if the actual cost varies significantly from the calculator; we try to avoid unpleasant surprises and will communicate with you regarding any additional charges before we process them. Similarly, if actual shipping charges are less than the estimated amount, we will refund the difference to your credit card or PayPal account. Flat rate boxes are automatically insured by the US Post Office up to $50. Any insurance coverage beyond that, and/or delivery confirmation, may be added upon your specific request and with the additional rate(s) that apply. We also offer Signature Confirmation at the cost that the Post Office charges for your convenience. See for further details. In the event that you do not receive your merchandise, you may contact us to verify shipping information, and then you must follow up with the Post Office regarding collecting the insured amount.

Free shipping applies to any order, retail or wholesale, which totals $700 or more of in-stock merchandise. It applies only to USPS shipping with the USA.


We also ship to other countries besides Canada and Australia, subject to their customs restrictions; please send us an email to discuss shipping possibilities if you are from another country and would like to place an order. For orders coming from Europe, please refer to our European sister company, Mineraliengrosshandel Hausen GmbH, whose website is We do not ship to any country on which the USA has placed an embargo.