Celestine Tumbled Stones - 1 lb

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Celestine Tumbled Stones - 1 lb
Celestine Tumbled Stones - 1 lb
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 Celestine Tumbled Stone - 1 Pound

Smooth and in a wide range of light blue hues, these pieces are tumbled celestine, a rare and bright addition to any

collection. These pieces are made from real celestine crystals that have been tumbled into smooth, rounded stones,

which are very dense and heavy for their size. The clarity ranges from completely transparent to translucent. Some have

patches of a white or orangy mineral inclusion, probably part of the matrix. A very unique product!


Size: Note the wide size range: from about 5/8 to 1 5/8 inches long. Most are rounded; some are long and thin. About

20-26 pieces per pound. 

Unit for sale: 1 pound

Made in Madagascar.


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