Meteorite Pendant - 1 pc

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Meteorite Pendant - 1 pc
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Meteorite Pendant

These meteorite pendants are made of pieces of the famous iron-nickel Campo del Cielo meteorite, located in Argentina.

The meteorite broke up as it entered the atmosphere and as it impacted, resulting in thousands of tiny fragments that have

been mined for centuries.

Our recovered pieces have a small ring firmly soldered to the tip of the long end of the piece, making it fashionable into a

pendant, keychain, zip pull, or whatever else. The pendants have an appearance of a dull silver nugget, as they have rounded,

not sharp, edges.


Size: Less than 1 inch long, and on average, about a half inch wide. Each weighs less than half an ounce.

Unit for sale: 1 pendant

Mined in Argentina


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