Gemstone Spheres

Spheres impress with their geometrically perfect shape and unusual combination of light refraction and reflection. All spheres offered were cut from REAL, natural rough stones, such as rock crystal. Because natural quartz crystal is very hard, as well as grinding balls this is very costly. The price depends on both the size as well as after purity.

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Item No. 10250
Golden Quartz Spheres - 1 lb
from $  29.75
unit price $  34.99
$  34.99 per lb

 An unusual mix of golden colors that includes NO citrine, these golden quartz spheres are great for collectors and non-collectors alike.
Item No. 10248
Kambaba Jasper Spheres - 1 lb
$  39.99
$  39.99 per lb

 With a green color and swirls and black orbs of many sizes, these kambaba jasper spheres are strong and beautiful.
Item No. 11418
Septarian Nodule Spheres - 1 pc
from $  19.55
unit price $  24.99
$  24.99 per piece

Septarian nodule spheres have various earth tones and different minerals, making unique decor pieces and gifts! 
Item No. 10173
Tiger Eye Spheres - 1 lb
from $  61.49
unit price $  64.49
$  64.49 per lb

 Classic, warm-toned brown and golden tiger eye in the form of spheres are beautiful and unique for anyone.